Textbook Buyback FAQ

What areas do you serve?

Updated March 28, 2017

Book Driver focuses on the Denver metro area, Boulder, Parker and Castle Rock. While you could maximize your price selling textbooks on Amazon, eBay or Craigslist (not so much CL), people just don’t want to deal with connecting bank accounts, learning how to list the items, waiting for it sell, shipping it, and waiting for the money to get transferred to your account. It takes a month to two months to sell a textbook online and get paid for it. That’s because PayPal will likely hold the proceeds from your sales for 21 days to ensure proper delivery. Amazon pays every two weeks after the sale is made. Plus you do have shipping costs and the sales commission, for eBay, 10% plus another 3.2% to PayPal, Amazon, 18% plus a standard $1.00 referral fee. 

Yeah. That’s exactly why people like to sell textbooks nearby. 

How much do you pay for textbooks?

Top prices, more than the Front Range Community College book store, the CU-Boulder book store and the Metro State College bookstore. Typically these textbooks buyers, pay 10% of the resale value. They offer very limited return policies, usually two weeks after the class starts, and operate in a monopoly, ie. the student union with little local competition. Book Driver is committed to buying those books for 20% to 50% of resale value. That means more money in your pocket.

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Do you buy textbooks all year-long?

Yes, in fact that was the number one issue you told us was frustrating, that selling textbooks locally had to be done within a narrow window. Sell your textbooks with Book Driver whenever you want.

What type of textbooks do you buy?

We focus on newer textbooks. If you’re not sure, we offer a free quote. Since we sell our books through several channels, we buy a huge ,variety of textbooks, supplemental reading material, technical certification manuals, really the list goes on! For example, in the past week, we paid $52 for five older geology textbooks, $90 for two 2014 advanced calculus textbooks, and $65 for the 2016 NEC Certification Manual. 

We strive to be of service to students in the Denver area and frequently do promotions such as,

  • $5 bonus cash for selling more than a $100 worth of textbooks
  • in-store event where you just bring a bunch of books and we scan them and see what we can pay

Well how do I get a free quote on my textbooks?

Book Driver just needs the bar code number on the back, the one which starts with “978.” If you want to bring them in, you can visit our bookstore.

20160204_164028Textbooks less than “Good” condition such as those with,

  • broken binding
  • missing pages
  • heavy underlining or highlights,

Acceptable conditions textbooks will usually not qualify for cash or will substantially lower the offer. Mobile phone users typically find it easiest to take pictures and text them to us. Email users typically type the ISBN numbers into an email. We support Excel spreadsheets as well. Turnaround time is the same business day and we do offer appointments during the evening to make the actual trade more convenient. Call for a free quote. 

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Do you pay cash?

Yes, we like to pay more in cash for college books than a lot of Denver bookstores pay in trade. Our customers have sold their textbooks to, 

  • raise some cash for Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays.
  • extra garage sale type bonus money. In other words, they sell books for cash for to support other hobbies.
  • book collectors and estate clean-outs. A customer may clean out an estate and sell some books of value.

Even textbooks a few years old can be valuable but don’t wait too long. Many of our customers wanted to hold onto their textbooks for professional reference but the truth is most people end up Googling, or using LinkedIn to research topics and never touch their textbooks. They wait too long and end up with worthless, outdated textbooks that they end up donating to us, instead of selling.

In addition to cash, we offer double trade credit at our used book store in Broomfield. If you are a book-lover this is a great option. 

How do you keep the book donation and textbook buyback separate?

In other words, doesn’t Book Driver want you to donate your textbooks? Look, customers typically donate older titles and many times the books are not even donated by the owner, such as when children need to clean out an aged parent’s home. 

Our book donation customers are giving people, but not saints! We rarely get textbooks newer than 2010. We meet people half way on their books that they think may have value because we are happy to pay fair value for used textbooks

And finally, buying books is helps support the free book donation pickup, which is surprisingly costly. Selling free donated books is expensive because we have to sort the books, store the books, etc.  We consistently receive book donations which we need to recycle, en-masse. So our customer’s trust us to give them a fair shake and by buying books that truly have value, it helps bring more books into circulation, thus finding good homes for books, which is our mission! More about book donation drop-offs.

We will also look at larger collections with a good mix of history books, philosophy, economics as well as occupational manual and certification study guides for trades such as electricians, plumbers and other certified skills.

Do you have to be a student to sell textbooks?

No, not at Book Driver. You do have to be an active, enrolled student to sell textbooks at your college bookstore. We welcome current, former, even non-students such as parents, ex-roomates or anyone who have used textbooks to sell. Book Driver is here to pickup the university book stores’ slack. 

Most colleges and universities won’t buy books back from former students. The college bookstore plans for textbook inventory for the active student body, a calculation which factors in limited space, limited staffing budgets and the compressed time frame where tetxbook demand is highest. 

The college bookstore also has fewer options to sell beyond the four walls of the store. Publisher’s dictate how many new books the store has to take which limits shelf space for used textbooks. 

Do you have a bookstore location to drop off textbooks to sell?

Yes, our physical store is located in Broomfield and serves the public, Tuesday through Saturday. Here is the website for that, which is also a used book shop.


Feel free to bring used textbooks and we’ll see if we can buy them on the spot.

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Thanks, Matt Johnson