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Book Driver finds good books for homes through donations and book buybacks. These articles should show you aspects of doing book selling to help your library or local bookstore.

How our book donation programs work

Here is the info about the book donation drop off Here is the info about the book donation pickup services. These both also have answers to frequent questions. Thanks. 

Day 168 Of Owning a Book Store

Woo-hoo investors! Yes, people do like the growth prospects of used book stores. And employees want to work in them.  Our Amazon partner team is also popular with a different but no less welcome demographic of book scouts and internet…

Day 150 of Owning the Book Store

Being surrounded by books makes you want to write. And of course, to write is to want to create beauty. Or see the beauty that’s missing in the world, and wrestle, in vain, to express that essence. I would not have…