About Book Driver

Book Driver is a book sharing service located in Westminster, CO that helps find good homes for books. We are a proud, Colorado small business.

It started in 2013 as an experiment in turning sustainable goods into cash for charity. 

The market for a book sharing service in Denver is strong and growing as more people move to the Rocky Mountain state.

People who care about where their books end up, like to hear about what happens to them.

Most people give several donations and recommend this unique service to neighbors or friends. We’ve processed over 400,000 books from 300+ distinct donation individuals and schools. We’ve returned $3,000 in cash and over 60% of collected books, to community organizations that need them.

In 2016 we’ve returned $1,000 to students and adopted a fair buy/sell policy for our textbook buy-back service

It’s these connections, which are helping Book Driver grow, so thank you! It’s also your excitement and passion for this service, that fuels our excitement and passion. 

Book lovers really, really want to find a good place for their books.

Book Driver is that solution. 

Follow along as our story unfold by checking out the blog.


  • Local Textbook Buyback – Serving Denver metro and Boulder. We are on a mission to increase used textbook supply. This will lower prices on printed textbooks. We just need the ISBN number on the back to do a free quote. Non-traditional students and those pursuing tertiary education in mechanical or outdoor trades also have a harder time finding ways to unload textbooks since online, for-profit or technical colleges don’t formalize a book buyback process. 
  • Book Donation Service – We promote book drives and always offer a free book donation pickup. Check out our US book donation database.

Core Values

We are always focused on what we are for, not what we are against. And we are for a world built on innovation, persistence and compassion.

We serve Denver and the Front Range of Colorado currently, but want to hear from you if you’re a fan or think this would be good in your city. We have a way to expand it with the right people. 

Thanks, Matt