Book Donations Denver

Want to donate used books?  Book Driver operates a book sharing service offering a free book donations pickup in the Denver, CO metro area. Our quick turnaround time and flexible hours makes it easy to donate books. We welcome larger donations from corporations and organizations.

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If easier, we also have a book donation drop-off point at our book store at 1505 W. 1st Avenue Broomfield, CO 80020

All books in good condition are sold or donated. Your donations support

  • Coyote Ridge Books and other used book stores.
  • Friends of the library organizations.
  • First Book Denver.
  • Goodwill.
  • And 20 other Denver causes and organizations.

At Book Driver we strive for,

  1. Convenience – Free book donation pickup.  Click here to schedule.
  2. Transparency – We pledge a percentage of profit for every donated book.
  3. Cash Donations – Our donation department is laser focused on generating what charities really need: cash!

We limit book donations in Denver to ten boxes or about 30 to 200 books. If your not sure, let us know and we may be able to help you figure it out. 

Matt Book Driver

Charities Need Cash

If you go to the Denver Library book donation website, you’ll notice that the first thing that is emphasized are “Cash Donations.” Not book donations.

The reason is that while book donations are welcome by public libraries, they also create a cost. A librarian has to sort through the donations, dispose of used textbooks or damaged books.  They have to store books for the next library sale. All of this takes money before they can be sold and turned into cash.

A misconception is that books donated to the library will enter the collection. They don’t except for some small, rural libraries. 

With the Book Driver book donation program, we help libraries by short-circuiting the heavy lifting and doing all the sorting, disposing and donating. This helps save costs for non-profits and libraries and allows Book Driver to generate cash for charity.

Transparency and Intention

Book Driver donates a dollar per donated book sold.  That cash supports First Book Denver, a charity that gives kids their first new book to read. We also support local friends-of-the library non-profits. 

first book denverIt is important for libraries, to have a new generation of readers because while library sales are great, the vast majority of library funding is done through public tax dollars.

Without a new generation of readers, supporting libraries when they come of voting age, it really doesn’t matter how many book sales libraries have.  Libraries will go away without tax support. And tax support for libraries is driven by readers.

Convenience of Free Pick-Up

It’s really that simple. We’ll pick up your books for free. Why is this option so attractive?

Consider some of the obstacles to donating used books.

  1. Many of Denver Public library branches are closed for remodeling. No book donations accepted.
  2. Libraries have specific hours for donations.This can be inconvenient when moving heavy boxes of books.
  3. libraries and thrift stores are overwhelmed by book donations. I know one that is selling books by the pallet, for pennies per pound, just to clear space for other donated items.
  4. Several donation pick up services are now fee based.

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What You Need to Know About Book Driver

Book Driver is a for-profit used bookseller, with the goal of creating sustainable used book stores throughout the world. Check out our first used bookstore in Broomfield.

Book donors receive no tax benefit for donations. Yes we are adding value to our community. Yes, we offer free book donation pickup. Yes, we generate cash for local charities. However, if you need a write-off receipt, we aren’t the place.

You may try one of the following.  Some are fee based.

Volunteers of America – Denver

VOA offers free Denver book donations pickup and donations are tax deductible.

CP of Colorado

CP Colorado is a fee based book donation service supporting non profits such as ARC Thrift Store. Tax deductible.

Vietnam Veterans of American

This is a free pickup service. Allow about 2 weeks to schedule.

Not in Denver?  Check out our list of book donation pickup services, by location.

Our store in Broomfield, Coyote Ridge Books also accepts book donation drop-offs from 10 AM to 6 PM Tuesday through Saturday. We can accommodate up to fifty boxes of books if you are willing to drop them off! The address is 1505 W. 1st Avenue in Broomfield. 

Choose Book Driver for Your Book Donations

So if you want to,

  • Generate cash for Denver non-profits.
  • Require convenience in book donation pick-up.
  • Want a local Denver bookseller to turn your books into cash for charities.

Then, choose Book Driver for your next book donation.

Small and large book donations welcome. Most books that our partners use have bar codes ie. are newer. Pre-1970’s books are typically recycled.

We don’t take,

  • Legal books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Bound magazine journals
  • Ex-library discards

We just don’t have room unfortunately.

Antiquarian booksellers such as Gallagher Books or The Hermitage Bookshop in Denver may have an interest in older titles and first editions.

Click here to fill out the scheduling form or give Matt Johnson a call at 720-840-0291 for further information.