New Way to Donate Video Games in Denver

There are some great places to donate video games for charity. PS1, PS2 and vintage video games of all sorts, from Atari to ColecoVision, to Nintendo 64 and Wii games are always popular.

Book Driver is starting a video game donation program to benefit Child’s Play and friends of the library groups. The impetus for this program is the downsizing of the American home. As more and more video games and books not to mention, CD’s, DVD’s and other media go to an online and download model, the question becomes what to do with these no longer needed physical items.

We have offered what I think is the best model for processing book donations and putting that skill and experience into a better way to work with video games no longer wanted by your household. The first principle that Book Driver is built on is that knowledge is power. The knowledge of what to do with donated items which maximizes its re-use value with the minimal carbon footprint. We continue to feel that a for-profit company is always going to use donated items more efficiently than a nonprofit like Goodwill because for-profit has more flexibility and provide more innovation and better paying jobs than a non-profit. The first thing I’d like to point out is what a non-profit is. All it is an organization that promises to give away 3% of its revenues. That’s it. In every aspect book sales nonprofit’s are run like a for profit EXCEPT, they are hampered by not having the ability to be nimble, they are usually top-heavy with administrators, and they are reliant on outside donations.  

When you choose Book Driver , we offer a free pickup of donated video games and a portion of sales will go to Child’s Play. Better services and better ways to contribute to the community. 

>> Contact us to learn more. 

We mentioned some other video gamer charities. Here is a summary. 

Extra Life supports the children’s Miracle Network through marathon gaming sessions where players receive pledges to how long they can hang in there. 

AbleGamers gives people with disabilities custom gaming set-ups. – A stack is a slang term for a formation used in military or law enforcement, when an assault team forms up single file along the entrance or doorway to a room where they believe a threat is located. For the charity, the stack represents a strong community of friends, family, brothers and sisters in arms, and supporters, all coming together for a common mission, and here, that’s supporting veterans with video gaming.

Denver video game donation

We’d like to keep games for video gamers around Denver, in Denver. This develops thriving ties among the video gaming world and you can get cash money and credit for games similar to online video game marketplaces. Video game donations are also accepted and they go to fund operations, help good organizations and certain games QUALIFY FOR CASH BACK TO YOU.  

I also wanted to encourage ps2 and ps3 three video game consoles can be refurbished and sold creating jobs for the community and jobs for people in hard to employ situations. Old Playstation systems never go out of style but you may not get a good return or even want to hassle with selling them on eBay. Instead donate that unwanted playstation to Book Driver. 

The Gift That Can Keep Giving—To Someone Else

 Here are a few places to donate that fully-functional console and the games that go with it. You can drop it off at our store at 1505 W. 1st Avenue. Broomfield, cO 80020

  • The Get-Well Gamers Foundation: This organization gives consoles, games and accessories to participating hospitals so sick kids can kick some gaming booty while they get better.
  • Game Changer: Formerly Donate Games, Game Changer gives games and old electronics to children with rare genetic illnesses.
  • Vinny’s Kids: Started in 2004 by fourteen-year old Vinny Cherry, Vinny’s Kid helps sick kids in hospitals pass the times by gaming, watching DVDs and playing with other electronics while they recover.
  • Goodwill video game donations aren’t recommended with os many local video game donation options. Other cause-related thrift shops will gladly accept your consoles, gear and games and resell them for a good cause.

Also check out local teen drop-in centers and homeless shelters and see if they’ll take that console off your hands.

Sell your old playstation system. 

So you want to make some change off your older consoles so you can invest in the new, shiny PS4 or the Xbox One. Fine. I get it, and so does Jesse Divnich, vice president of insights and analysis for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research. In an article on Polygon about what to do with your PS3 and 360, he states, “If you’re someone who’s truly going to transition over to the new systems, then maybe selling your console might be ideal.”