How do I maximize my textbook value with Book Driver

In working with Book Driver, you can expect a buy back 20% higher than your local college bookstore.

The sales rank on Amazon is a key factor we use to “determine textbook value”.  300K or less and your book will sell within 60 days, thus we can offer more money for it.

One million or larger, it may take three months, to a year or it may be replaced by a new edition, thus resulting in a lower resale cost.

Looking at the sales rank and lowest used offer on Amazon will give you an idea of the retail value of your books.

You can maximize your value by,

  • bringing several at once as we give bonus cash when selling 5 or more books
  • keeping original barcode is visible
  • not underling or highlighting
  • textbooks with sales rank less than 300,000 get more
  • 2012 publication date or newer

Also if you sell back four or five qualifying textbooks, I’m more likely to offer a buck or two for your marginal books, as a customer service thing. Textbooks are hard to lug around!

Books older than 2012, the odds of it qualifying are 50 to 1 which is why we try to manage the expectations that we probably won’t buy them. Still we welcome free quotes if you’re not sure.