Friends of the Library Book Drive

We are starting a friends of the library book drive, now through the end of 2016. It will support the Broomfield Library Friends Foundation (BLFF) but will lead into support for all Friends of the Library organizations in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Empire.

If you have books to donate, drop em off at Coyote Ridge Books in Broomfield.

This is part of a shift away, from FirstBook as our sole beneficiary. While a great partner, they are very flush and I think that the friends of the library foundations throughout metro Denver could use more support.

We plan on adding memberships with all the county organizations locally as well as great bookstores such as the Park Hill Community Book Store.

In fact, we really are challenging ourselves to donate to as many different places as possible, as these connections are the marrow of the Book Driver network.

It’s most important to Book Driver, keep the flow of books going, to keep them circulating.

How to participate

Go through your bookshelves, box up unwanted items and bring them to Coyote Ridge Book, 1505 W. 1st Avenue, Broomfield, between 11 am and 6 pm. If you are out of Denver but want to help, contact us.

  • Books in good or better condition are best
  • For every acceptable item donated, a $1 credit is issued from Book Driver to the Broomfield Library Friends Foundation, or your county library board.
  • No need for old magazines or encyclopedia’s.
  • Surplus books will be added to the BLFF book sale in May.
  • Unacceptable books will be recycled at Sustainability in Arvada.

In short we make it easy just drop off the books. We’ll find the best home for them according to our Best Book for Best Venue work flow.

Thanks as always,