Thinking Differently

I welcome 2016 as a year of stabilization and optimization of my business. I look back at this three-year start-up adventure with a mixture of relief and also nostalgia.

To me, there is nothing like the euphoria of seeing a system you thought would work, work!

As I move into 2016, I have a some resolutions for the business which are counter-intuitive but will help focus my efforts.

Avoid Reading Blog Posts

One is to avoid reading blog posts. Typically, blogs are too general, not relatable to my business and are mis-guided in their “work hard and things will pay off” dogma. The one’s I will read always have specific information and information such as Skip McGrath’s newsletter and Kat Simpson’s work. Both of these talk exactly about my specific issues with running an online store through Amazon and eBay.

The other issue is the whole bias towards talking about tech based start-ups as the only businesses that are being starting and worth starting. And that somehow these ae the techniques to start the business. Don’t be sucked into business advice that applies to Fortune 500 or venture-based start-ups. Most of the advice is sound for that type of business, but not for yours. Your business and my business and most businesses are not defining a new idea but a better way to serving customers. We are not providing shareholder value in most cases, but increasing cash from operations. It’s that simple.

No Nose to the Grindstone

The truth about your buddy or uncle or Dad, who works his business 80 hours week, is that it’s their focused intention, through single minded actions, that really does the work. Busying without thought and intuitive action can be counter-productive which is why those businesses experience tons of conflict. In someways a business owner is both their own best friend and worst enemy. Approaching your business from a good feeling place will allow you to manifest good outcomes when you are working, without creating extra, unnecessary work. The eighty hours that small business owner’s boast about (which I feel is embarrassing) working, much of that is self-created chaos. They think they have to be busy to be successful.

Just not true. It reveals more about their lack of planning and business knowledge and their addiction to work than anything else.

True Wealth is a combination of Money and Time

I am more focused on defining wealth as a formula of money divided by time. Anyone who throws their world away working a business is not wealthy in the sense that I want to be wealthy.

I’m glad that a couple years ago, I quickly realized the context of my own online business and it’s strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise, I would have fallen into the trap of over-investing time and money in the wrong direction while starting my shop.

What we are doing here is different than what a Snapchat or Uber is doing. It’s two completely different skill sets and outcomes.

I look forward to focusing on good feeling thoughts, understanding what my vision is, and maximizing that vision. I’d also love to hear about yours.

– Matt