Book Donations – December 2014

I just wanted to write a quick update to our giving programs during this time of giving and receiving. Donated books continue to stream in. We’ve found that moving, wanting to downsize or even a break-up of a relationship are the main causes for needing to lighten up the personal library. I’m not sure I’d want my ex’s stuff hanging around either.

Luckily life changes can help other’s. We are continuing to support FirstBook Denver and will likely continue to do that in 2015.

Anyways, since our June update we’ve donated an additional $175 over the past few months. That supports about 3/4 of an average class with selections from the book club. Our eBay program is growing also and we will continue to look for causes that might benefit from support.

And of course we will continue to pick up donations for free so if you need to clear out some books, contact us for some help.