Toy and BMVD Holiday Collection Drive 2015

Book Driver is doing a holiday book donation drive but we are also looking for,

  • DVD’s,
  • video games
  • music and videos
  • toys

Pomona High is collecting toys thru November 13th.

>>> Support 2015 Holiday Drive. Donate used toys, books, music, DVDs, CDs and other music.

The students in business class created their own benefit campaign for Children’s hospital. Donations can be dropped off during school hours by going to the front office to drop off the toys or books. Good job on organizing this.

Book Driver will pickup toy donations for that drive through November 13th although I’m sure other organizations are probably looking for toys and books for the holidays in 2015 so we may extend the free pickup after 11/13.  

As for books, music, video’s and DVD’s (BMVD) items, Book Driver will continue to distribute or sell items to support FirstBook and other organizations.

>> Donate movies, DVD’s, mobile phones, and other media related items.

You may also text or call Matt Johnson at 720-840-0291. We pickup between 10am and 2pm. Most people leave the donation on the porch. Thanks!