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King Daniels – King is starting a religion to make his fortune back. What starts as a business idea turns prophetic when kind discovers his super power finally. King had hatched yet another plan to get them out of bankruptcy. It was the worse one yet. Venus Daniels, his wifehad sighed with a resigned look on her face.

Prologue to Enovel The Dao of Zenith

Prologue to Free Enovel – The Dao of Zenith. Zenith, the shining city, is a technological welfare state whose people are struggling with how to live now that technology takes care of their every need and want. It’s the year…

Character List – The Dao of Zenith – Chronicles

Character List – The Dao of Zenith Web Novel

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Rick Scorpio – Zenith Police Department – assigned securities problem or something that makes King Daniels fall under suspicion.

King Daniels is on a quest for the unknown and infinite knowledge and the Gods are “dragging him kicking and screaming.”


Donald Marquez – uses the healing touch for evil, to prevent, he is the antagonist, …mainly out of spite.  the raise to immortality. (things just didn’t work out. Good intention down the path to hell (at least this season. )

Venus Daniels

Shandy Daniels

Mcluhan Daniels

Emma Curtis Daniels

Hera Marquez –

Sam Marquez –

Tess Marquez – in Shandy Daniels first words about here, “At the beginning, there was Tess and me. Cafeteria, Legends Elementary, Zenith 13712. She had an apple, a bad attitude and was from the wrong family for me to fall in love with her,” Said Shandy. Loved her immediately. “

Jimmy Chang (Mercutio)- Jimmy is a trouble-maker but not a hothead. Just a dare devil and mocker which gets him (and Shandy) in hot water. He would be Shandy’s best friend and racing partner.

Cruz – Assistant DA and Scorpio’s girlfriend.

Bernays – Start slowly following the continuing insanity of Edward Bernays who is like a cross between Kyle Craig, a villain from the Alex Cross mystery series, and Steve Jobs, gone very bad.

Pants – Nickname Robert Pantalini, Scorpio’s partner.